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When hyperlinking an image, inform the receiver to click the image to visit the linked website. Otherwise, the receiver may not know the picture links to a website. About the Author Ashley Donohoe has written business, technology and education articles professionally since Accessed 03 November Donohoe, Ashley. How to Create a Hyperlink in Mac Mail. Small Business - Chron. Note: Depending on which text editor you're pasting into, you might have to add the italics to the site name.

Are MailChimp features supported? My test email was not delivered to my inbox but I received a delivery confirmation.

Where is it? Can I send attachments with Mail Designer ? Mailchimp upload says API Key has been revoked. Where are the.

How do I only send or export the desktop version in Mail Designer ? How do I activate Mail Designer ? Can I optimize the inbox preview with Mail Designer ? Can I use multiple text styles within a text area in Mail Designer ? How can I keep track of the emails I have sent from Mail Designer via my email address? How can I access different versions of my Mail Designer email designs? How to set up a Mail Designer Team. Can I import mailing lists or subscribers lists from Excel documents to Mail Designer ?

Can columns be adjusted in Mail Designer ? I want to purchase a Small Business Plan. I only see the Desktop version of my Mail Designer Newsletter.

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How do I activate the mobile version? Will I get a partial refund if I decide I want to opt out of my subscription? Why can I not send from my Gmail account? How do I export my email design as a. How can I edit my background in Mail Designer ? How do I access my backed up templates?

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Is there a subscription model for Mail Designer? How can I spell check based on a language I choose in Mail Designer ? How can I use the stock buttons in Mail Designer ?

First steps with Mail Designer Pro – Create appealing newsletters without HTML knowledge

Why does Mail Designer prompt me to sign in every time I want to use the app? Is there a way to send to more than 2 test email addresses in Mail Designer ? How do I turn off the hyphenation in Mail Designer ? What should I do before I try a beta version of Mail Designer ? How can I activate the auto save functionality for the Mail Designer ? How do I rotate objects in Mail Designer ? I use Filezilla or another FTP service.

How can I make sure that my images work?

How can I get early access to beta versions of Mail Designer ? Which devices will display the mobile version of my newsletter? Can I add tables in my Mail Designer email design? How do I migrate my designs on a second Mac if I already started Mail Designer without migrating the designs in the initial dialog? I'm working with my team to collaborate for our email campaign. How can I add a comment to an image area or a text area within my email design in Mail Designer ?

Which features are available with which plans? Where can I find my invoice? Can I use Mailjet to send my Mail Designer email designs?

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Can I use keyboard shortcuts to align different objects in Mail Designer ? How do I add borders to my photos? Can my colleague with a Windows PC also give feedback on my design? I can't find my stationery packs in Mail Designer - can I still use them? Can I cross-upgrade my Mail Designer plan? The HTML version of my design does not recognize my font changes.

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I would like a refund of my purchase. What should I be aware of when I use text in an image area? My GIF is acting differently following export or some frames are missing. How do I sign up for MailChimp? Can I continue using Mail Designer Pro 3? How can I combine different graphic elements in Mail Designer ?

What is a two-factor authentication? How does two-factor authentication affect my Apple ID? Can I use Mailigen to send my Mail Designer email designs? Will my existing templates continue to work and look good in Mail Designer ? I need help with choosing a font for my Mail Designer email design. Do you have any suggestions for fonts? How can I lend an email design I have been working on in Mail Designer ?

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I accidentally deleted Mail Designer from my Mac. What should I do?

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