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John Perez 12 days ago. We provide the user manual that you can view or download free from here. Jason Brown 25 days ago. I admit that it ….

Christopher Brown 21 days ago. Logitech dinovo edge rechargeable bluetooth keyboard for mac To charge, just plug the power adapter into the dock and drop the keyboard module into its storage slot. The diNovo Edge's box is attractive, albeit a bit large logitech dinovo edge rechargeable bluetooth keyboard for mac the svelteness of ….

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George Baker 19 days ago. Advanced Li-ion batteries charge faster and last longer in combination with a slim charging base that doubles as a stand. All you need to do is connect the Bluetooth receiver to your PC, plug in the recharging station, and flip the keyboard's power switch. Joseph Rodriguez 4 days ago.

Any hint or turotrial you could point at? So, I'm back with the sticky apple USB keyboard.

After using the Macbook for a couple of months, I may be able to live with the Apple wireless after all, if I can wrestle it from. Robert Adams 15 days ago. As a result, the Delete key is twice as large as the others, making it easier to press quickly. On the other hand, I'm not a fan of the non-standard position of the Home key above the Delete key. In addition to the standard keys, the diNovo Edge includes a slew of special buttons and features, most Mac-focused.

The playback buttons work even if your media player isn't the active program; so, for example, you can control iTunes playback while browsing the Web. Whenever you press one of these playback buttons, a matching symbol lights up next to it to confirm the press. Unlike most of the keys on the keyboard, these are slightly recessed so you don't hit them accidentally.

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Along the right-hand edge, above the touchpad, is a nifty touch-sensitive strip for controlling volume. Slide your finger up the strip to raise the volume; slide down the strip to lower the volume. As you move your finger up or down, amber-colored lights follow it to confirm the action.

Just below the volume strip is a Mute button; just above the strip is a dedicated Front Row button. Both also provide backlit indicators. Among my favorite features is the Caps Lock key--or, to be more accurate, the Caps Lock indicators. Whenever Caps Lock is engaged, an audible beep sounds; a lower-pitched version sounds when Caps Lock is disabled. No more accidentally typing in all caps because you didn't realize you'd pressed Caps Lock.

Finally, like Apple's recent keyboards, the Edge's F-keys--more of them, in fact, than on Apple's keyboards--serve double duty. As with Apple's keyboards, you can choose whether or not these actions require the use of the Fn key, located at the end of the F-key row.

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These button features are useful, but the Logitech software also lets you customize the actions of each F-key, as well as the Power and Front Row buttons. Each can be configured as a keystroke, a modifier key, or any of the special functions listed above. Other options include launching an application; opening a document, folder, or URL; taking a screenshot; switching applications; or zooming the screen.

You can even configure the keyboard's special keys and buttons based on application--so, for example, a key can do one thing in Photoshop and another in the Finder. Although Logitech's driver software has had its share of detractors in the past, during more than a month of use with a Mac Pro and a MacBook Air, each running OS X The diNovo Edge connects to your Mac wirelessly using Bluetooth.

DiNovo Edge Mac Edition Keyboard

Setup was simple and problem-free, and unlike some other Bluetooth peripherals I've tested, Logitech's keyboard never lost its connection, even when the computer was asleep or shut down. A physical power switch lets you extend battery life by turning the keyboard off when not in use; again, after I turned the keyboard back on, the computer immediately recognized it. The Edge includes a built-in lithium-ion battery that, according to Logitech, provides a month's worth of power from a two-hour charge.

If you forget to charge the keyboard and it runs out of power, a quick five-minute charge will get you through the day. The Logitech software shows the current battery level and the estimated time remaining on the current charge; a battery-icon indicator on the keyboard itself lights up when the battery charge is getting low.

You charge the diNovo Edge using the included charging dock. The only drawback is that the dock is designed such that the keyboard sits upright while charging.

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Logitech diNovo Edge Mac Edition Review

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