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MySQL 8 is relatively new and not in many production set ups. The first command brings you to your home directory and opens the. The last thing to do here is to reload the shell for the above to work straight away.

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This section is left in for reference β€” in previous macOS MySQL packages the password set during the installation process would fail β€” hence the info below. This newer version, however, seems to work. You can also see the paths to the config and data sources of MySQL in the configuration tab. You can find scripts for starting and stopping servers there. However, an alternative option would be to use the MySQL Workbench , which provides an intuitive GUI interface for performing administrative operations i.

To use MySQL Workbench, first download and install it, then enter the following settings into the dialog: The default location of the socket is: Send Feedback on This Tutorial. Java Programming Language. Documentation General Java Development. External Tools and Services. Java GUI Applications.

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The key principle being that I do not want to have to edit the hosts file or apache configuration when I start new projects. It is not a perfect solution, as you can see in the comments, and I will try to figure out a better way. Thank you for sharing. You are right; I have forgotten this vital step in my post.

I shall rectify with all due haste. Because of the fact that dnsmasq doesnt really work when there is no connectivity, I just prefer to have a simple createvhost script that does the following:. Did you remember to sudo I always forget: Ask for hostname and webroot dir if not specified in arguments 3.

It just seems more hassle free to do it with good old hosts and a seperate config for each vhost. Yes, it might be a good idea to remove Dnsmasq from the equation entirely, since it is rather unhelpful in offline situations. As of Yosemite dnsmasq will not resolve any of your domains when the computer is not connected to any networks, here is a video I made illustrating the issue:. Thanks for your input. Because of this behaviour I will probably start looking elsewhere for my local dev setup.

There might be a blog post in the semi near future.

Compiling a Web Development Environment on macOS

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AllowOverride All. Require all granted.