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If you like to ask for permission to use my shaderpack as a base, contact me on Discord. Chocapic13 : A huge thank you to him for helping me and using parts of his code! Jodie : Thanks for letting me use her awesome ambient occlusion Gerard Geer : Random dots function for dirty lens arajdon : Thank you for making my own website!

My donators : Thank you all for supporting me! You : Thanks for downloading and playing with my shaderpack! Where are the older Versions of Cuda Shader? Need one for 1. Can you send me the cuda v4 ultra dev 22? It do nothing the world looks like whiteout the schader. Sorry for my English. I use only optifine and glsl the CUDA schader low is working really god but the i drop the medium in the schader folder it is doing nothing.

Ok, Because I can use lite on mac i just wanted to know if the 4. DeDelner:disqus, Can you make the water on the cuda lite version better? DeDelner:disqus would you mind changing the link from mediafire to other links? It was banned. I LOVE this shader! My only concern is that you please make the shadows a little more realistic… Other than that I love it!

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Especially the torch concept! How do I create an account on this website? Do I have to donate? Not to the moon itself because of some issues. Hey I love the shader! I love this feature, but im not sure if it is my minecraft messing up or if you havent implemented it in yet. When I hold a torch in either hand it like apears as if it is giving off light but isnt.

If I hold somthing in the other hand and a torch in the other it lights up the object, so I was just curious or in need of help. I have light from light sources in my hand but it is much darker than with other shaders. Just check in a pitch dark room and look down at the ground or stand next to wall. You should see light. Minecraft on the Mac runs OpenGL 2.

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