How to install autopano-sift-c for hugin mac

Windows and OSX have in one way or another bundled CP generators in the past to help making the downloaded package useful.

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Despite advanced control for CP placement, many users find Hugin without CP generator to be of limited use. The packages did not help to lift the misconception, and brought a whole set of problems with them. Other functions of the panorama production process in Hugin are also performed by third-party tools e. Enblend-Enfuse for blending , but the interface to CP generators is a particularly tricky one because there are too many third party CP generators ; they take different arguments on the command line; none of them is absolutely superior; and last but not least they are encumbered by patents, limiting what they can be used for and where and how they can be distributed.

My more than two years old overview of available CP generators is outdated.

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None of them is properly maintained. It has been broken for more than a year. The recommendation is to use 2. No active work was done on fixing 2. Users rightly complain about the difficulties of configuring a CP generator, and indeed it should not be that difficult.

Autopano-SIFT installation

But the changes in the CP generator need to be coordinated with the changes of parameters in Hugin. To make matters worse, packagers may be packing older versions of the CP generators with newer incompatible versions of Hugin. Even the new installer that downloads the CP generators from their original locations is not free of these troubles. How does it know what version to download and whether there is already a previously installed instance that interferes with the new one?

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In , during our first Summer of Code participation, Zoran Mesec implemented a feature matcher with the mentoring help of Herbert Bay inventor of the SURF algorithm that is implemented in Panomatic. Paired with existing autopano code, this yielded matchpoint. The project provided experience and insights, but performance was not as hoped. In students picked up other projects and the idea of the patent-free CP generator seemed to be skipping another year.


Still, it has taken another Summer of Code in , and the determination of Antoine Deleforge and the mentoring of Thomas Modes to complete the work started almost four years ago. Maybe before the end of the year?

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Filed under: Londinium was established as a town by the Romans almost years ago. It was common practice for Romans to adopt and romanize native names for new settlements. Not so the Brits: So there are a dozen Londons in North America, one of them in Canada.

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We were lucky to find the most welcoming bed and breakfast in London, Just For You. It was an inspiring place to recharge our energy before and after our busy days in the city. Gerard served us healthy and creative breakfasts. One day he treated us to Poffertjes , a sweet complement to the varied and well presented fruit salad and accompanied with original Dutch Hagelslag and real cumin Gouda. The room was so welcoming, I felt inspired to shoot an HDR panorama and to test if recent developments have made it easier on artists to create HDR panoramas.

The bottom line is: For this panorama I had to work through some issues of the tool chain. Stacking and stitching or stitching and stacking exposure stacks has been discussed in the past, as a manually controlled workflow. It has been automated in Hugin As a reminder: Last time I tried it suffered from vortex-like artifacts at nadir and zenith.

The upcoming enblend-enfuse 4.

Intro to HUGIN Panorama Maker

Time to try again. Shot bracketed RAWs. In the same batch Photomatix Pro can also generate an initial tonemapped version needed to set up the stitching project. The reason why I use Photomatix is the automated batch processing that includes fixing chromatic aberration and noise. This automates those deterministic aspects of the process and let me focus on those aspects where human creativity makes a difference. None of the control points detectors known to me support HDR files out of Photomatix as input at this time.

Hence the need for the initially tonemapped images. A passage through that tab is anyway mandatory to establish vertical control lines. This is the confusing part. Intuitively, this is HDR, right? We the Hugin team need to do our homework and improve the interface. It would be nice if we had also EXR there, like for the merging process.

And Radiance HDR too. Or at least an indication that the TIFF output will be 32bit. The resulting HDR equirectangular had an artefact at the Zenith. Enblend 4. Smaller, but still disturbing. And to make it visible, I used plain color images. The four images on the right are: The not optimized version enabled me to produce a usable HDR equirectangular and continue the process.

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With his patient guidance and a few experiments it seems narrowed down to the seam-line vectorization or de-vectorization code. The resulting HDR equirectangular is technically correct. As an added bonus, on multi-core CPUs it is also significantly faster than previous versions.

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  6. The other obstacle left is tonemapping: In the meantime this is just a post-processing inconvenience that can be solved with a brush in Photoshop or GIMP. That was a much longer than expected processing for a panorama, but it was worth it. I hope it helps advance Enblend 4. To install it you will most likely have to build it from source.

    Install and validate AutoPano on Mac?

    Hugin does not yet have its own, patent-free control points generator. Some building blocks have been contributed during Google Summer of Code and , but more work needs to be done. Zoran Mesec joined the hugin community in He applied to our Google Summer of Code initiative and went on to successfully complete matchpoint. The code is still experimental and is distributed with hugin.

    In , Zoran gave back a little of the mentoring and love that he received from the community. He mentored Marko Kuder, a fellow university student, on the batch processor project. And he joined other community activities as well, using the Mrotator U panoramic head sponsored by Agnos Engineering for his Summer of Code participation to contribute to the World Wide Panorama for the first time. Zoran, together with long time panotools maintainer and community contributor Bruno Postle will represent our team at the Google Summer of Code mentor summit.

    I enjoyed the experience a lot last year. I hope the panorama from last year will be repeated this year and become a tradition. Bruno Postle officially released autopano-sift-C He intends to release a hugin tarball release candidate very soon. This will pave the way for inclusion of hugin in coming Linux distributions. Binaries for the different platforms will follow. Time flies and it is already time for the mid term evaluation of our Google Summer of Code students. All projects are on track and we might achieve our first zero attrition year. The main reason for that is that we improved significantly our selection process with a simple skill test: The goal was to show basic command of the build chain so that they can get down to the code from day one.

    This was possible thanks to a documentation effort that made the build process almost dummy-proof. Another improvement this year is the interaction with the community. Today I discovered how to install an external tool to assist Hugin and in turn create better panoramic photos. At the time of writing this is: Meaning better matches between individual photos and better stitched panoramic photos. Skip to content. Pont du Gard, France I have found Hugin to be less able that previous versions when relying on the simplified interface. Install autopano-shift-c These following steps will install and tell Hugin to use a more capable control point detector.

    Install Homebrew on your Mac Using brew, install autopano-sift-c using the command: