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To give yourself even more options for arranging your files, choose View then Show View Options —the next dialog lets you add and remove columns as required.

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You get more details for each file, including image resolutions and movie lengths. Tagging was added back in Mavericks but is still underused: It gives you a really useful way of grouping files across multiple folders.

File Manager Pro - Finder Alternative

To create a new one, choose File and New Smart Folder , and specify your criteria files edited in the last week for example. Finder can use tabs, just like your web browser. To rename multiple files at once, select them in Finder, click the Action button the cog icon , then choose Rename. The next dialog lets you replace old text with new text, append new text, or set up a new naming format that then gets applied to each file in turn. Drag the column edges to resize them, or hold down Option while dragging to set them all to the same size simultaneously.

Less finesse

You can also double-click on a divider to set the width to fit the largest item in the column. If there are folders you use a lot, drag them to the Finder toolbar—just hold down Cmd and drag the folder up to wherever you want.

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Enable the Finder status bar View and Show Status Bar to get two key bits of info on screen at all times—the number of files in the current folder, and the free space left on your Mac. You also get a small slider that makes adjusting thumbnail size much easier.

Unlike the Finder, this app lets you open frequently-accessed files via a dedicated Favorites section or access previously accessed items in a handy History section. Pro users will like that most of the complex actions can be triggered with custom keyboard combinations. Multiple file operations can be queued including ones that have already started. The app runs file tasks in the background so you can easily work with multiple Commander One windows.

The best file manager: a faster, more convenient way to transfer files

You can toggle between showing or hiding hidden files with a click, no need to use Terminal commands for that! Even better, once you map your FTP server as a local drive, Commander One is able to work with your remote files as if they were located on your computer. You can use drag and drop to move files between multiple FTP servers, performa common file operations like copy, delete, create, edit and so forth. And if you run your own blog, editing those htaccess, robots. Tobust Android file transfer support lets Mac and Android get along so you can move content from your Mac to an Android smartphone, tablet or another device with drag and drop.

Thanks to MTP mode, you get an even easier access to your Android device when using wired USB connections—just connect your device in MTP mode to the computer and it will become automatically available as a mounted drive in Commander One.

And because Commander One supports mounting Android devices, you can actually watch movies, check photos or listen to the music on the Android device without needing to copy content to your computer beforehand. This lets you do things like move items between multiple Dropbox accounts or cloud providers without having to download them first.

This makes it really convenient to manage your cloud files and folders directly, without copying any data on your Mac.

This app is everything OS X Finder wants to be

And last but not least, a rich app like this would be useless if you had to adjust your workflow in order to use it efficiently. Customizing hotkeys to your liking will make you even more productive. Commander One lets you see and force-quit misbehaving processes running on your Mac.

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  • This is just a taste of all the goodies that this capable file manager brings to the table. For the full breakdown of all the features in Commander One, visit the official website.