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There is a bit of a learning curve! And while the interface is logical and straightforward, getting used to the basic underlying logic behind it all takes some time. But I can't even begin to explain all the unique and creative things you can do with it.

1. Karabiner-Elements

But I'll give a could examples Another major product was creating a very unique, customized programming for a Logitech G In some cases I set them up to trigger regular hotkeys, sometimes I create custom hotkeys with the keyboard control panel typically using combos involving keys that aren't even on my keyboard or that are very difficult to type , and sometimes I have them trigger AppleScripts that native commands or use GUI control but only if the app is already running.

Honestly that barely even scratches the surface of all the things I know that ControllerMate can do which is only a fraction of what it can really do!

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By Xah Lee. The user will provide a dictionary of key remapping that the HID event system will apply to the keyboard. Table 1 presents a list of keyboard usages and their usage IDs for use in key remapping. All Rights Reserved.

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How To Remap Your Mac Keyboard

Programmatic Key Remapping. Macs, like all other computers, have function keys that can control volume, brightness, the backlit keyboard , etc. Out of the box, you cannot change how these keys work but Karabiner-Elements can.

Go to the Function Keys tab and there, you can change what the function keys on your MacBook do. If you need the function keys to act primarily as function keys and not control brightness, sound, etc.

In order to use them to change the volume or brightness, you will have to tap and hold the Fn key when you press a function key.