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This is useful for. It is also possible to run the script from a GPIO button so you can manually run the script to switch depending on where you are. This has been tested on Raspbian Buster, Stretch and Jessie.

Step 1: Installing Raspbian

All worked fine with SSH. Dnsmasq bug: in versions below 2. This can be resolved by removing the dns-root-data. It may be benificial to do this before you start the rest of the installation as it has been reported that doing it after installation for effected users does not work but you won't know if it is an issue until after the installation is complete. For this guide I will use wlan0 as the device that is used.

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To check the device name for your setup enter the commmand iw dev and take a note of the "Interface" name. For wifi it should start with wl , replace your device name with any reference to wlan0 in the article, scripts and config files. To start with hostapd hotspot client and dnsmasq lightweight dns server need to be installed. The installers will have set up the programme so they run when the pi is started. For this setup they only need to be started if the home router is not found. So automatic startup needs to be disabled and by default hostapd is masked so needs to be unmasked.

This is done with the following commands:. Now the hostspot configuration file can be setup. To edit the configuration files I will be using the nano text editor but if you prefer an editor with an point and click interface then replace nano with leafpad in the following instructions. Using a text editor edit the hostapd configuration file. This file won't exist at this stage so will be blank.

Download here. For more information on wifi dongles see elinux.

Now the defaults file needs to be updated to point to where the config file is stored. Next dnsmasq needs to be configured to allow the Rpi to act as a router and issue ip addresses. Open the dnsmasq. Go to the bottom of the file and add the following lines download here. Once these are done we can then add the autohotspot script. The interfaces file is not required and should be empty of any network config. Depending which version of Raspbian you have this file may still contain network config.

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While the RPi is in hotspot mode ip forwarding needs to be on so the internet works when an ethernet cable is attached. The autohotspot script will switch ip forwarding on and off between network mode and hotspot mode but it needs to be on by default for the script to manage ip forwarding. Uncomment the next line to enable packet forwarding for IPv4 net.

The next step is to stop dhcpcd from starting the wifi network so the autohotspot script in the next step takes control of that.

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Ethernet will still be managed by dhcpcd. Next we have to create a service which will run the autohotspot script when the Raspberry Pi starts up. Then enter the following text or download here. This is the main script that will manage your wifi connections between a wifi router and an Access Point. If no wifi signal is found for a known SSID then the script will shutdown the wifi network setup and create a Hotspot. If an ethernet cable that allows internet access is connect then the Hotspot will become a full internet access point.

Allowing all connected devices to use the Internet. Make sure mutiple MAC addresses are seperated by a space. This can be downloaded from here. If you are using the linux firewall, firewalld then the ip tables in the script will cause issue but the required modifications are later in this guide. In the autohotspotN script locate the createAdHocNetwork section and the KillHotspot funtion and replace it with this code. When the desktop returns you should have the wifi icon by the clock. For those setting this up on a headerless RPi then you should see the pi on your routers network.

Once the RPi is up and running the wifi icon near the clock should now be a red cross This means it is an access point, it could also mean your network is down but other devices should detect the hotspot. On a Tablet, phone or Laptop scan for wifi signals.

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  • You should see one for RPiHotN. Select this as the wifi signal to connect to. The password is what you setup in the hostapd. From my example it is For ssh use ssh This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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    • If you now connect an ethernet cable to the Raspbery Pi and your router and wait a few seconds the hotspot will allow connected wifi devices to use the internet as well as the RPi. From the next reboot the autohotspotN script will manage your wifi connection. If you find this guide useful and wish to show your appreciation then you are welcome to make a donation or share a link to this article. There is no obligation to do so, this guide is free for use and support is available to everybody as long as I know the answer :.

      If the autohotspotN script is set to be run at set intervals, when you go out of range of your home router it will automatically generate a hotspot and then when you get back in range it will deactivate the hotspot and connect to the routers wifi. If you run a program in the background or use programs like tmux then any software you are running will keep working.


      Using a Cron job, tasks can be set off automatically at certain times, dates or intervals. For my use running the script every 5 minutes is fine but this can be changed to your needs. To setup a cron task enter the command. If you are not using the default pi user and while doing this guide you have had to enter a password every time sudo is needed then you will find the the cron job will not work as it wont have permission to run the autohotspotN script. To fix this you can give the user permission to run the script without a password. Enter the command.

      Thanks to Jim for pointing this out as an issue for some users. Thanks to Atanas Atanasov for highligting this for non PI users. The script will now only work at boot up or if you manually run the autohotspotN script with the command. If you don't wish to continue using the autohotspotN script then the Raspberry Pi can be revered back to a standard wifi setup with the following steps.

      The autohotspotN script will no longer have control of your wifi. Dnsmasq and hostapd can be uninstalled if you no longer need them. Name required. E-mail required, but will not display. Notify me of follow-up comments. Do you allow this site to use Cookies? Cookie Policy. Use Cookies. There is no obligation to do so, this guide is free for use and support is available to everybody as long as I know the answer : RaspberryConnect. Add comment Name required E-mail required, but will not display Notify me of follow-up comments. I can access the pi with a laptop and get on the network.

      Then I tried to use x11 forwarding on the ash and it wasn't working. I tried ssh -X and then starting the x server and I also tried just ssh -X. Neither worked. Unfortunately, preparing a new SD card isn't trivial -- you might see if there's a hackerspace nearby which might have someone with a RasPi who would let you boot with a known working SD card.

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      I did some searching at raspberrypi. I did two things.

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      Initially the Pidora boot wouldn't connect the internet - but in the Ethernet settings for the connection cabled connection I cloned the MAC address it found into the settings. At that point we had a thunderstorm and the nearest broadband cabinent - believe or not - was hit by lightning!!

      Dead for 24 hours while most of its insides were replaced. Better that than my computers. Error: You don't have JavaScript enabled. This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page.