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When you need to configure email on any mail client, you'll need to know specific information in order create the account. The most basic information you'll need to know is:. This article shows how to set up an address that is hosted at DreamHost. If you are hosting your email at a different company, you must consult their documentation for the settings mentioned below.

You can create your email address through your Manage Email page. Your server name aka hostname controls where your email is sent from and sent to.

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The following are the only hostnames you should use to connect to your email. If you do not use one of the hostnames above, your client will fail to connect.

You may see the following errors:. These error can be avoided by using the hostnames above. View the following article for further details. You must check with your ISP to see if they require you to use their SMTP server for outgoing mail, or if you can use your domain's mail server for outgoing mail. Many modern email clients automatically enable secure ports during your configuration.

This means you may not even be asked for this information. If you don't already have an account set up in Apple Mail, this will appear automatically. Step 2 Mail will provide a step-by-step guide to adding a new mail account.

This is what happens if you enter your Outlook. Step 3 I can now configure the Incoming Mail Server. Use the new IMAP server settings for the incoming mail server.

How to Configure Hotmail with POP3

Step 4 I can now configure the Outgoing Mail Server. Just as before, enter a descriptive account name and the mail server setting to use this time, is: smtp-mail. Use the new outgoing mail server settings and ensure authentication is turned on. Step 5 Apple Mail will confirm all the settings I've entered, though I do still need to amend the incorrect email address.

Syncing Your Hotmail Account With MacOS Mail

Once you're in the Accounts tab, you can change the email address back. You can change which folders Mail saves items to using this menu. Step 2 Enter your full Outlook. Step 3 As I can specify to enter our settings manually, it's easier to configure than Apple Mail as I don't need a dummy address to do it.

Your Outlook. Step 4 For our outgoing server , change the server name to: smtp-mail.

Email Application Setup - Apple Mail

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Configurer votre compte de messagerie automatiquement

When choosing a port, only secure port settings are recommended. MX records are the DNS records that tell other mail servers how to find your email address on the internet. Only after you create your first email address are MX records created for your domain. It takes about hrs for them to be set up after the first address is added, so you must wait that long to use the first email address.

After that there is no delay when adding an email address. Only if your nameservers are hosted at another company would you need to point your MX records to DreamHost. DreamHost Email Adding an Email Address Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Email client configuration overview Overview When you need to configure email on any mail client, you'll need to know specific information in order create the account.

What settings should I use?

The most basic information you'll need to know is: Username Password Mail server name You can then configure your email user further by setting it up as an IMAP or POP address and enabling secure ports. This article walks you through these options to configure the email account however you like. View the following article for detailed instructions on how to add an email address: How do I add an email address?

Once you create an email address, you will have your Username and Password.

Basic IMAP account settings for Outlook for Mac - Office Support

Username This is the part before your domain. For example username example. Your email client may only require this first part of the email address, but it's possible that your email client may need the full email address to connect.