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More at Mac Gamer HQ. The article at Mac Gamer HQ spawned a thread in the Mac subreddit and the folks there shared their thoughts:.

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But many find it annoying to switch to Windows to play games I know I do. Others have roughly equivalent performance.

If the system requirements ask OS X users for a graphics card twice as powerful as Windows users, then yes. Love Civ games.

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If Civ 6 makes it at the same time as on Windows, then game of the year right there for me. More at Reddit. Between the games that are already out, and the games that are coming out later this year I'd say that is shaping up to be a great year for Mac gamers. Did you miss a post?

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Resource Library. This way you can see the gloriousness of a ragdoll physics tennis ball takedown. While the game concept is simple and the challenge level is forgiving, the actual gameplay is extremely satisfying. Let me break down why this game deserves to be the best game this spring. First, the story is awesome.

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Awesome to the point where I could see it happening in an actual episode of Castle. Being a big fan of the show, the characters come to life through the game. Second, the puzzles and HOS are fun to play through. I love how the puzzles are very canon — they fit perfectly into the world of the TV show. Lastly, the game is challenging; in other games I oftentimes find myself blazing through puzzles very rapidly. However the puzzles in Castle had this Clever Detective stumped for a good bit of time. I am a fan of ERS games and I test almost all of them that come through our group.

I also had a kick playing Reveries: Sisterly Love because there was poetry even a surprise song! Each game seems to take it further and I make it a point to help test each release to be familiar with their progress. The CE has a ton of collectables and morphing objects I believe over total so you really get engaged in the artwork for each scene and hidden object area.

The story was spooky and there were many scenes that really captivated me including the sewing room with the mannequins, and the office where the boyfriend was writing furiously, which opened portals to new worlds. The artwork is so beautiful and the gameplay is unique, with so much to do and explore. This one really raises the bar and you can tell it was made by people who love what they do.