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They can come in the castle, so be cautious. Once Aragorn comes, victory is almost yours. Destroy the orcs and Mukamaki with the ghosts and then go to the camps and destroy all the buildings. If there are a lot of orcs in Minas Tirith, go in their first.

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Once the camps are destroyed, destroy therest of mordors army and victory is yours! On the way to the elven camp, if you have a sharp eye you we see a cave with smoke coming out of it. Go up to it with at least one troop and three cave trolls will come out. These trolls are stronger than usual, but focus your trolls on the elves and your uruk crossbowmen on the ents.

If you are Rohan in a skirmish or online, build 2 or 3 farms in your castle. Then go out and find so other sites that you can build farms and do so.

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Then, build 3 wells. This will reduce the cost of you infintry drastically. Then build an archery range. Build 4 battalions of Yeoman Archers to get your building to level 2. Use then for recon or just to gaurd your base. Next build as many elven archers as possible. They are only with the 3 wells instead of ! After, get the fire arrow upgrade and upgade your elves first.

You archer army will be unstoppable against Nazgul, infintry, trolls, ents, horseman, all uruk-hai, siege weapons, everything! When you are one of the ringwraithes be sure to stay away from arches. Mostly keep away from Elven archers and if you are fighting Isengard, stay away from their crossbow men. When you get the points to buy mountain trolls, dark wizards, etc save up for the nazgul or even better the witch-king. Max out your command points with an army then send them out to the edge of the map, it will ask you if you want them to leave, answer yes. Then build another army then click on the reinforcements flag then you got a double army.

When fighting as Gondor, Purchase merry and 2 to 4 battalions of gondor soldiers. Click merry and chose throw rocks mode. First Create a troll, one you have done that pick up a tree-left click on troll than right click on tree- after that is done fight the enemy and your troll will become stronger with armor and will get a spiked club.

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To make an Ent more powerful, have it to pull boulders out of buildings or rock piles to throw at enemies. Try to get as many outpost plots around your base.

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When you have a castle close the gate and build a postern gate. Build two economy structures per one unit production building.

Fewer upgraded units are always better than many non-upgraded units. When your Rohan or Gondor first you should build a couple of farms and then build a archery range. Build about 3 battalions of archers. Line them against the wall , also you should get trebuchets when Gondor. Then taunt them by opening your gate then they come at you and your archers will shoot then as soon as you can close the gate do that.

Then when they stop sending soldiers you have enough powers in the power menu to get the Elven or Rohirimm allies except when Rohan believe me saves alot of your soldiers. Helms Deep: get as many archers as you can and only aim for the ladders. Minis Tirth: again get as many archers as you can and upgrade them. The mission before that with Farimer I upgraded all of my troops soo Build some battle towers but mostly trebuchets. Build two right next to the door. This will help later. When the siege towers come just shoot it with your trebuchets.

You'll do fine till the Ram comes, then get all your archers on it but don't open the gate!

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And don't send any soldiers out, get them all to the door. If it busts open get all your hero's there. When this happens transform the land in front of the gate to woods. Then send all your solders out to it and wait and survive. When the army of the dead comes it takes a while for them to get to Minis Tirth. Also when the Nazgul come use Gandalf's light beam attack. This is a long stage, i played it for about and hour, but it's fun!

Powers: It really doesn't matter but the eagles helped a lot at Minis Tirth. Get the best gaming deals, reviews, product advice, competitions, unmissable gaming news and more!

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PC Submitted by chipmyster Change values of units. PC Submitted by sonic gamezzer , Command Points. Join now to share your own content, we welcome creators and consumers alike and look forward to your comments. No files were found matching the criteria specified. We suggest you try the file list with no filter applied, to browse all available. Add file and help us achieve our mission of showcasing the best content from all developers. I downloaded the patch and game wont run keeps saying its trying to write to an unknown something. I uninstalled the game and reloaded it and it still wont run..

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view. So the mod is great. Really good job so far guys. My problem now is that I can't zoom out and I dunno how I can fix that. I made it work by following the tips that was posted further down, in green text, on the revora thread. Apologies for not reading everything! See picture for full error message I.

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Here's how I installed it: -Mounted tBfMe. I then use the HD Edition icon to boot the game. Hi guys, great work, been waiting for this for such a long time! One question though, which Aragorn w3d model uses Aragorn fellowship textures?

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