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Fleetwood Mac is celebrating the 35th anniversary of Rumours with a reissue and a tour. The band played seven of its cuts, and each one drew an ecstatic response from the packed house.

Fleetwood Mac at Prudential Center is enjoyable, but...

But the group seemed more energized by other material. Buckingham introduced four straight songs from Tusk with fighting words about artistic independence and the importance of creativity.

FLEETWOOD MAC "Big Love" with Intro at Prudential Center Newark NJ HD 4.24.2013

Buckingham and Nicks dissolved their romantic partnership more than 30 years ago — yet the concert kept reminding us of it. The stars emerged hand in hand, beaming like a presidential couple getting off Air Force One, for the encore set.

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Here was a successful rock band where men and women engaged in musical and lyrical dialogue on equal footing; their stories of love and betrayal bore a stamp of authority that comes from lived experience and mutual respect between romantic partners. Nevertheless, she was missed like a lost limb.

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The band did not lack energy. The drummer was a marvel throughout the show: He is the rapid, healthy pulse of a group that, 50 years into its run, remains restless.

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Share this: Like this: Like Loading Mick Fleetwood mentioned in an interview that the door is always open, and he'd love it if she'd walk through. Some fans have high hopes for the upcoming London gig; in Newark on Wednesday, she didn't walk through.

I love Lindsey Buckingham. He's something of an onstage megalomaniac, and he'll solo all night and day if you let him, but he's endearing, he's a magnetic frontman and a dexterous guitarist, and his restlessness and taste for experimentation was put to good use by the rest of the group.

I love Stevie Nicks , too; her songs are smart, tough, and intoxicating, and get her going in an extended outro and she's likely to guide you to places that few singers ever visit. John McVie and Mick Fleetwood are the rare rhythm players with indelible personalities; push play on a Fleetwood Mac recording and within seconds, you'll know it's them.

There are days on which I am convinced that there has never been a greater British-born rock group than Fleetwood Mac -- not the Beatles, not the Kinks, not Led Zeppelin, not the Attractions, nor any of the other boys', boys', boys' bands who never seemed to want to let the girls get a word in.

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Fleetwood Mac performs at the Prudential Center April 24, She was writing good songs when she was still Christine Perfect, singer and pianist for British blues act Chicken Shack. After "Rumours" became a smash hit, pre-Buckingham-Nicks material dropped out of setlists, and because of that, an unfair percentage of Christine McVie's finest work has gotten lost in the Dark Ages of Mac history. She joined the group in she'd drawn the children's book-like cover for the "Kiln House" set the year before and immediately became a major contributor.

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  6. Once the band hit the big time, she kept right on penning hits: