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Step One: Boot Into Recovery Mode

Software Downloads. Tutorials discussing how to prepare an external drive for use with and to use Apple Time Machine. Enter Volume information Name, Format, and Scheme. Select Erase.

How to Backup Your Mac: Your Complete Guide to Mac Backup

Once complete the drive will be ready to use with Time Machine. At the end of this process, if a window opens asking if you would like to use the volume with Time Machine select Use as Backup Disk. Click on the Current Volume Scheme drop-down menu and select 1 partition. Note : More than 1 partition can be created but for this document, we'll just stick with a single partition. Enter Volume Information e. Click on the Apply button located in the bottom right corner of the Disk Utility window.

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The Partition Disk confirmation window opens. Click on the Partition button. At this point, the drive is partitioned and formatted. Open Time Machine. A window opens showing External Storage Drives connected to your Mac.

Select a drive and click on the Use Disk button. Click on the Done button to finish. At this point Time Machine prepares the drive and backs up selected data.

How does it work?

Time machine opens. Click on the Restore button. Address any prompts that appear on the screen grant Administrative access, etc.

How to Create a Bootable Backup of Your Mac

Click Continue. Data is restored to your Mac.

You can copy the files back to the external drive once it has been correctly formatted. Back up any data on the drive. Launch Disk Utility.

How to Backup Your Mac

Find the name of the external hard drive you want to format from the left hand column of Disk utility and click it. In the next window, you can rename your external drive optional , choose a Format and a Scheme. For the name, pick anything you like but stick to only letters and numbers no special characters or symbols.

Next, if you have any data or files on your external drive and you feel they need to be erased a little more securely, then click Security Options and choose a setting from Fastest to Most Secure. Please Note: Increasing the security level will make the formatting process take longer. Personally for me, fastest option is secure enough for most of the data and files I keep on an external drive.

How to Recover Your Mac and What to Do If Recovery Fails

Click Erase. Once the drive has been formatted, simply click Done. Your external hard drive is now ready to use and fully compatible with your Mac OS X. Please remember that the time it takes to format your external drive will depend on the size of the drive and also the security options you chose during the process. Thanks again for a great post!